Minecraft Update #1: 14/05/20 – ❄️Welcome to Frosinnríki ❄️

Hi everyone! In this update, we are officially opening our “Winter PvP Survival map” to you all! Although it is now fully playable, we are not yet finished, and have huge plans for the map!

As soon as you join, you will notice how bitterly cold the world is. Our custom made “Winter Survival” plugin makes this possible. Other players are now only one fear, as you will need to actively protect yourself from the cold by wearing a full set of armour, or better yet, the custom craftable “Heatstone” !

We are currently working on in-game books to help players along the way (mechanics, instructions etc), however for now, you can visit our PlanetMinecraft listing to find out more about the mechanics. https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/frosinnr-ki-pvp-survival-with-a-chilling-mechanic/

If you’re fairly savvy and willing to ACTUALLY read signs/holograms, you’ll be fine. We hope to see you online very soon! 🙂 Visit the PvP world via the portal upstairs at the spawn hut. Remember, you are REWARDED for killing others…. 🔪

Custom heatstone recipe:

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